In my head

Somewhere along the line I gave up
I gave in
I created a room
That I could lock my head and heart in
I built up these walls with unbreakable stone
Knowing that self preservation meant being alone
Sitting here lonely, this love gathering dust
Drifting away in my tears
Surely becoming covered in rust
Hoping one day that these walls come crashing down
Before these fears hold me under
And I slowly drown

Who Says

Who says that dreams are worth pursuing
Maybe they’re best left in our heads
Maybe that’s why they come to us
While we’re tucked away in our beds.

Who says we have to keep fighting
Maybe we just can’t admit that we’ve lost
Maybe this war we keep waging
Is no longer worth the cost

Who says that time heals all wounds
Maybe they’re not meant to heal
Maybe the scars left behind
Are reminders that we can still feel

Who says that blood is thicker than water
Maybe they both drip through a sieve
Maybe it takes more than a blood line
To know who or what to believe

Who says that life is meant to be happy
Maybe this is all just for show
Maybe these things and these people
Are all that we’ll ever know

Love Once Lived Here

Love once lived here
Behind man made walls
Built tall and strong
Around a fragile heart

Love once lived here
In arms so warm
Wrapped up tight
Safe from the cold

Love once lived here
So full of life
With hopes and dreams
No more sleepless nights

Love once lived here
But now it’s gone
Leaving a broken heart
And an empty home