Through Her Eyes

Through her eyes you feel the hurt that she holds deep inside. Just trying to dig deeper in this hole for her to hide. Not a single word is she speaking, but her tears say everything. She’s pulled away from all she knows, no longer close to anything.

These thoughts that do consume her, are begging her to let go. But her love for him, has ruined her, as her hatred starts to grow. The anger she had pent up inside, is beginning to seep out. He has drained her heart of love, in turn replaced it full of doubt.

Doubt in everything and everyone that she held dear to her heart. The bonds she had once formed, have since been ripped apart. Alone within her mind, she’s left to suffer more and more. Never really knowing just what this life was for.

So she sinks into a depression, that continues to hold her down. And behind the moistened curtain, she slowly begins to drown. Her life alongside the water is swiftly running down the drain. Once she lost her heart to him, she was never again the same.

~heart & soul~

Hanging by a Moment

Hanging by a moment swiftly falling through the sky. Holding onto nothing as this world passes me by.
Grasping onto memories, to keep from melting down. Reaching out for anything to slow before I drown.
Slowly sinking, into the ocean, vast and deep. Secrets die within me, as I’m drifting off to sleep.

~heart & soul~

I Disappear

I hurt, therefore you hurt me just because you can. I bleed, so you cut me down with your words. I am lonely, so you just leave me here all by myself. I love you, so that’s permission to treat me like you do. I am broken, so you move on to the next best thing. I disappear, and you act like I never even existed.

~heart & soul~


My tears trickle down my cheek.
Falling as steady as raindrops.

A subtle splash as they hit the floor.
Tiny puddles of heartbreak.

I watch as you walk out of my life.
My love is forever gone.

My breathing has rapidly weakened.
What once was is no more.

~heart & soul~


I’m sick of this hunger I have, this need to feel whole. I want to be satisfied with who I am as one with my soul. I have what I need, but its more that I desire. I want to let my heart go, find love, and again feel the fire. But I’m afraid there’s no hope in this heart, in this mind. There’s no love left in here, no love left to find.

~heart & soul~

Shove Me

I’ve got to be almost broken, these cracks have all but consumed me. I’ve worn thin, and my pieces are just too small to glue. Just how close to becoming dust, do I really need to get? I have yet to find a savior, and I’m dropping piece by piece. There’s not much left of this empty shell, so why do I still seek. All that remains is nothing, I’ve just become too weak. So do me one last favor and give me a subtle shove. That should finish off the rest of what is left of me.

~heart & soul~

Drifting From the Shoreline

I am slowly drifting from this shoreline in this ship made of glass. I will float off into the sunrise, with these winds as they do pass. The burning in the horizon for now, puts off a subtle glow. But the closer I float towards it the flames will surely grow. A chance to light fire to everything that holds me back. Burning my old memories until all of them are black. A past that I’ve been tied to, for more years than I can count. No longer chained to the pain of this damaged heart, I will surmount. The falling embers drown all recollections of my life. Lost out here alone in this ocean, simply waiting for the night. Let the darkness come and wash away the rest of me. Once the sun comes up, an empty glass ship will be all that’s left to see.

~heart & soul~

Sic of it All

I’m sick of the lies that you tell. I’m sick of the bullshit you spew. I’m over this hell that I’m in. There’s nothing here left for you. I’m up when your down and I’m down when your up. I’m done with this shit, I just don’t give a fuck. What the hell do I care if this all goes away. Its not like things will ever change in a day. The damage is done, no corrections are needed. So hit the dirt and start walking, you have just been defeated.

~heart & soul~

Great Expectations

Never expect more than nothing, that is all that I deserve. I’ve wasted time on seemless things, but at least I can say I’ve learned. A lesson hard to behold, but grasp it, that I should. Betrayed by those who I held dear, when I never imagined I would 😦

~heart & soul~

Truth Within

My truth is hidden deep within, somewhere you will never see. My broken heart and wasted tears are all I’ll ever be.
I have tried to fight these feelings for as long as I have lived. After all that I have been through, there is nothing left of me to give.
The light that used to guide me, has dimmed to an all time low. The darkness once well hidden, is now beginning to show.
And this empty vessel is sinking into a vast abyss. Anything and everything I’ve lost in these tested waters, I am sure to miss.
I shall rest upon this ocean floor, until I’ve dwindled down to nothing. No longer searching for what I’ll never find, will have to count for something.

~heart & soul~