My story…

I have had a long 27 years. I had a crappy childhood. Enough said. But I’ll skip the early years, nobody really wants to hear that anyways. I have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. They are rotten brats, but I love them. Their ages are 9,7, and 5. I grew up in a small town called Fair Haven in central New York. My husband and I split up after our 3rd child, but we remained friends, somewhat. Well his family decided they were going to move to Florida. I didn’t want to keep the kids away from their dad, so I picked up and moved too. So here I am, living in Florida. I always said I’d never move here. There’s nothing I like here, well I guess I can’t say there’s nothing. But there isn’t much that I like. I hate the blazing hot sun, and the heat gets to be too much. I have never been a beach person, I hate sand, and water. So this place is not very ideal for me. But my kids are here so I stay. Until later 🙂

~heart & soul~


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