I often wonder what people truly think of me. I understand I’m different. I know that some people have a hard time understanding how I am. But I’m really not that different. I am a mom, so my kids are very important to me. But as far as everything else, I like the simple things. I am in no way materialistic. I would rather sit at home and cuddle up to a scary movie than go out and party. I would rather go and walk through the woods in a park than go to a bar. I wear socks with my flip flops simply because I hate the feel of sand on my feet. I am in crazy love with white fluffy clouds that look like they have a flourescent light inside them. I like to wear my knee highs with shorts or skirts. I would choose a scary slasher flick over a boring love story any day. I love with every single drop of blood that I have left on this mangled heart. And I hate with the same amount. I wish honesty was one of those things that everyone knew how to use. Granted even if people were to tell me that they didn’t like me, I wouldn’t change myself for them. But it would be kinda nice to know. I’ve met a few people since I’ve been here in Florida, and I’ve yet to meet a decent, honest one. I’m still looking. But to no avail. Any advice? Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

~heart & soul~


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