Dwindling Timelines

Nobody lives forever, and as our lives dwindle down to nothing, so does our room for regret. We all have wrongs we’d like to right, and points we’d like to prove. But as this time passes us by so unforgivingly, we all lose that chance. There will always be people we haven’t thanked, and those that have yet to be welcomed. We come to a point when we can’t turn back. And the only thing we can look to as a guarantee is the end. So before the time slips away, apologize to those who deserve it, and let go of the ones who do not. Make sure every smile you smile is not just present on the surface, but underneath as well. Hold your dear ones close, and never lose sight of those memories. Because at the end, sometimes memories are all that we have. And remember when the time runs out, that’s all you get, so make the time you have, time well spent.


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