I’m just a wreck

I’m just a wreck,
a mess,
a perpetually bleeding heart.

There’s no hope in love, and no love in lust. I’ve grown to learn that nothing tells the truth. Not the living, not the dead. Trust in no one, nothing matters. Don’t be fooled by those who tell you different.

Its just a game, and you’re the pawn. Do you feel it? The move? The way you’re so easily pushed around. Knocked to the floor again and again. Get used to it. That’s all there ever was, and all there will be.

Your own worth has been questioned, and the ball you’ve set in motion is spinning out of control. Soon you will be nothing more than nothing. And no amount of regrets will right your wrongs.

Your stuck at a stand still. There’s no forward, there’s no back. There’s only down, but you’ve got to dig that hole alone. You’ve run out of luck, not that it did you any good to begin with.

The timer is up and the end will come closer, more quickly. There’s nothing left for you, so just be on your way. There is nothing left, nothing left, nothing… left…

~heart & soul~


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