Through Her Eyes

Through her eyes you feel the hurt that she holds deep inside. Just trying to dig deeper in this hole for her to hide. Not a single word is she speaking, but her tears say everything. She’s pulled away from all she knows, no longer close to anything.

These thoughts that do consume her, are begging her to let go. But her love for him, has ruined her, as her hatred starts to grow. The anger she had pent up inside, is beginning to seep out. He has drained her heart of love, in turn replaced it full of doubt.

Doubt in everything and everyone that she held dear to her heart. The bonds she had once formed, have since been ripped apart. Alone within her mind, she’s left to suffer more and more. Never really knowing just what this life was for.

So she sinks into a depression, that continues to hold her down. And behind the moistened curtain, she slowly begins to drown. Her life alongside the water is swiftly running down the drain. Once she lost her heart to him, she was never again the same.

~heart & soul~


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