The Fight For Truth

There is a truth within us all. But only after we peel away the lies can we see what’s hiding underneath. It may not be pretty, but it’s raw, and it is true. And we all seek the truth whether we know it or not.
We fool ourselves day after day into believing in the wool that’s been pulled over our eyes. Because we fear the unknown, and sometimes it takes more strength to keep searching, than we have left in us.
Simply going on with this meaningless life, just to see just how long we can last. Almost like a dare, a dare in which our faith in everything is called to the front lines to fight. But sometimes the war was lost long before we ever realize it.
But we fight anyways. Fight for something, we fight for some kind of truth. Fight for that which we all desire deep down. When all the lies have consumed our hopes and dreams, our heart continues to beat. And with that the layers begin to shed. They drop away until the only thing left is that in which we seek.

~heart & soul~


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