It Isn’t Over

It isn’t over, it lasts forever more
All the pain, all the hurt
Seeps in through the skin
Into my heart, into my soul
Slowly killing me from within.

An early grave that I have dug
Deep down into the earth.
This thing called love is but a game
I’ve played and lost, hand after hand
With only myself to blame.

The heart, a vessel
Carrying us through this life
Feelings that amount to nothing
They twist, tear and pull me sideways
Digging deeper, my barrier it’s breaching.

My piece of mind has had no peace
A shallow hell I have been living in
A victim of my own consequence
Burning in the flames that I’ve created
The fallen embers are all I have left.

These clouds of fury, a beautiful storm
That buries all of my hopes
And dreams under the crumbling ground
Lost from anything, from everything
Never feeling the need to be found.

~heart & soul~


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