This is a short story I wrote

Genevieve was an awkward sort of girl, the kind that many walked past without even noticing that she existed.  Never bothering to glance her way, and taking the chance to meet someone unique.  But she did exist, and whether those that passed her by noticed her or not, she knew who she was.  She was friendly, and full of love. Wearing her heart on her sleeves was common for her, because she saw how the notion of love was hard to find, and she wanted to make sure she didn’t lose it like others she knew had.  Genevieve was creative, and loved to see the world through a kaleidoscope.  Watching as things shifted, and the colors blended to make new ones.  She looked at the world and saw greatness and that made her happy.

But when she tried to sleep at night, her mind would race.  Thoughts of that fateful day would fill her head.  She pictured the fluffy white clouds, and the fresh cut grass.  An ice cold glass of lemonade, squeezed fresh by her mother that very morning, dripping condensation over her hands.  She sees the daisies that she helped her mother plant, daisies were her favorite flower, and her mother knew that.  Fresh tomato sandwiches set out on the picnic table in the backyard.  Her mother was the best, she loved her so much.  They were like best friends.  Such a wonderful day she had had.  She could never ask for a better one and she knew it.

The day began to dwindle down, and a cool night breeze had started to blow, when all of a sudden it happened.  Something unforeseen, something so absolutely weird that she had to take a picture, to prove to herself that this was real.  An object had fallen from out of the darkened clouds and landed in the front yard.  She ran down the stairs and out her front door to get a better look at what exactly had happened.  The object was odd, she couldn’t figure out what it was, possibly some sort of rock.  She circled the object that had created a small hole underneath it, and noticed something even weirder than the rock itself.

There was a red liquid slowly seeping out from under it.  How very odd she thought, whatever could that be?  Just then her father ran out and yelled to Genny, which was his nickname for her.  She was so mesmerized by the rock that she didn’t hear him calling.  He grabbed her shoulder and asked if she had seen her mother.  Genny hadn’t seen her since earlier, and told her father so.  She pointed to the red stain in the lawn and asked her father what it could be.  He had noticed something more, he saw golden strands of what appeared to be hair, flowing out from under the rock as well.  Instantly, without a second thought her father attempted to move the rock.  Unsuccessfully he asked for help, not telling Genny what he thought he saw.

As a team they were able to move the rock, and she was flabbergasted.  Her father caught her as she fell to the lawn.   She finally saw what she had failed to notice at first glance.  The rock had covered her mother like a blanket.  The weight of it had pressed the life right out of her, similar to what she did earlier with the lemons.  Gone, her mother was gone.  How could she be dead after just that afternoon she had been so alive?  Her best friend was just lying there lifeless in the front yard.  What was Genny to do?  How will she go on?  Just as those thoughts crossed her mind, everything went dark.

She awoke startled and unsure what was going on.  Convinced she had had a terrible nightmare, she screamed for her mother.  “Mom, mom, where are you, I need you” she hollered.  She waited, no response.  As she called out again “Mom, I love you, I need you”.  Still nothing, so she frantically climbed out of bed and ran downstairs.  Leaving the front door open as she proceeded to the front lawn where a group of emergency personnel had gathered around the hole.  “Oh no, it wasn’t a dream, it was real, my mother is really dead” she cried to herself.  She ran over to the rock, to make sure she wasn’t mistaken.

When Genevieve reached the rock, she gasped and took a step back.  Nobody seemed to notice she was standing there.  She cried out in confusion but nobody heard her.  The crowd started to open up as the EMT’s were bringing in a body bag.  And as the crowd parted she saw her mother, very much alive.  How could this be, what was happening?  As the EMT’s were zipping up the bag, she crept closer and peered into it, and saw her reflection.  She knew it wasn’t her reflection, it was her, it was never her mother that was under that rock.  It was her, everything is slowly coming back to her.

She recalled her mother asked her to run out and check the mailbox.  She had been waiting for a letter from uncle Bill.  She remembered stopping before she made it to the mailbox and staring up into the oncoming storm clouds.  That’s when she saw it, the object, the rock, her fate.  It was her that had been under that rock, her golden locks and her blood flowing out from under it.  What was she to do, she never got to say goodbye to her mother?  She was always looking on the bright side, who would have imagined something so atrocious could happen to her?  Genevieve was an awkward sort of girl, the kind that many walk past and never even noticed she exists, only it was because she didn’t anymore.  She used to have dreams, now she lives trapped inside her own nightmare.


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