Home is Where The Heart Is

I am in the process of turning this into a song, but I;d love feedback on how it sounds so far.  It’d be much appreciated.


Home is where the heart is,

that’s what everybody says

I guess that explains why this house is empty

there is nothing left inside

one moment you were here,

the next you walked away

this placed caved in behind you

leaving nothing but smoke for me to clear

Giving up and letting go was all you knew to do

holding on to a moment, even though its gone,

I can’t let go of you

this place is my dismal dwelling

and forever I’ll remain

but my heart died out as I watched you walk away

so if home is where the heart is

then home is anywhere but here

lost in an oblivion

where you let me drown in the ashes

in the remains you left for me

crumbled over all my weaknesses,

until all that’s left of me is a pile of lifeless flesh

no beat nor a rhythm

hiding under this foundation built of sand

washed away slowly tear by tear

No longer does this heart have a home

no place to call its own

empty remnants of memories

and there’s only you to blame

dying, naked and lonely on this dirt floor

If only a heart was where this home was

in place of a homestead turned to dust

gone forever, nothing left in store

just a lonesome ruin

because you don’t live here anymore.


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