Follow You

I’d follow you to the ends of earth if I could,
just to tell you how I feel.
Never in this life, before you, have I ever felt this way.
My breath you’ve stolen from within my lungs,
ripped out my heart that I hid beneath this flesh.
Not living nor dead, just wasting away.
From everything, something, to nothing once more.
You left me here alone.
To wander forever, not knowing, never finding this again.
Walking in circles around the mess you left behind.
My mess… Me.
A tortuous road, with no end in sight.
You once were the light that guided my way,
lifted my heart, gave me life.
Now that light has burnt out and I’m stuck.
In this dark, in this cold.
A lonely little girl, with no one to hold.
Anticipation of surviving has diminished.
Surrender is all I’ve got left.
With my heart you stole my soul,
and with the waving of this flag I give the rest of me.
No longer longing for the end of this agonizing path I’ve been lost on.
The end is near… finally here.


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