Hanging in the Balance

I continue to be baffled day after day at the amount of hate people have for each other.  It’s truly disgusting and it needs to stop.  We are all created equal.  Whether we are black, white, gay, straight, man, or woman, it doesn’t matter.  These should never factor into our worth as a human being.  Beneath the surface, we are all the same.  Let’s remember that.  Love is love, and we should all be lucky enough to have it regardless of what others think is the “norm”.   Be content with yourself and concerned less with others lifestyles.  That being said I wrote this poem, hopefully you all enjoy it.  Share it, and spread the word that hate has got to stop.

Hanging In The Balance

I am hanging in your balance

of what is wrong and what is right,

and it’s not a fall I chose to make.

Holding on to this love so dearly,

for it could be over in a moment,

in just an instant I could break.

The sharpened edges of your hatred,

of who to love, won’t cut me down, 

for this love of mine is not yours to take.

I know where my heart lies,

that’s all that matters in my world.

No amount of hate will make this love die,

the love between two is no mistake.


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