This is purely a rant…

I don’t know if any of my followers or anybody else really, have an account on, but I do.  I have recently made an account thinking it would be a good way of having other people read my work.  There are some really great poems on there, that I will not deny, my issue with it is this…   It is based on a points system, so the more poems you submit the higher the points, which is fine.  But you also get more points for rating and reviewing other peoples poetry.  This perk I think forces people to comment or rate something that they really don’t want to, in order to get said points.  I have also noticed that a lot of these people who are critiquing the poems seem to have limited knowledge of poetry.  I am in no way, more like light years away from being Shakespeare, but for one of my poems to get berated because it was in prose form and did not rhyme, had me baffled.  I enjoy using prose form, and think it can be under rated sometimes by those who do not even know it is a form.  I had tried to explain to said commenters that I used prose form on purpose because I enjoy it, and it fit well with that poem.  Granted you all have read some of my poems, and I do not use prose too often, I mix it up.  But after simple research on the sight, I see that they too have poetry that is far from perfect.  I being the bigger person explained my views on my poetry, but refused to comment on their issues.  I didn’t need to start a war.  Because let’s face it, I can be vicious, so I would win.  I have seen some really horrible stuff on that site, not necessarily saying the poems themselves were bad, but about 65% of them had no spell check, no proper grammar, no punctuation, no revisions on them at all.  I made sure all of mine were perfect before I posted them, so to get several comments saying that the poem would have been great if I had put it in rhyming stanzas, or paragraphs made me slightly saddened.  What do you guys think about poetry in prose form?  Is it atrocious? Or is it just a misunderstood form of poetry?  I would really like your opinions on this.  As the thought that my poetry may be suffering simply because of the form I use.  the poem in question is Into This Night, which is a few posts below.  As I said any and all feedback on this is greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “This is purely a rant…

  1. Sorry to hear that. I have been on a few other sites that review. One in particular that did the points nonsense. I found that some of the reviews were excellent while others were just there to fill in space to gain points. I will share with you some advice a beautiful talented artist gave me. She said, “just remember your art is YOUR ART” So take their criticism for what it is worth. if they don’t know different forms of writing they shouldn’t comment but even if they do, so what. You know your work and will improve as you go.


    1. I agree with you. I know that I have a unique style and way with words. I embrace that, I even thanked them for their suggestions. But some people don’t like when they can’t dictate others, so I deleted my poems from there. Less stress for me lol. I think that giving people points for reviews is just asking for trouble. I don’t like it at all. And I thank you for giving me your opinion. 🙂


  2. Trouble with a capital T. I was on a site called Some really great writers but he points thing just killed me. Yes your writing is you keep it up and it will continue to refine, not that it needs much refining. Lots of good stuff. if you need an honest review just send me a message. I haven’t been posting much as I am taking a writing course to ‘refine’ my own work. Keep writing it keeps us sane!


    1. It definitely does keep us sane, well some of us at least. I truly appreciate your kind words. It makes me smile to know that something that brings me to as much joy as writing, can also be enjoyed by others, such as yourself. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. I some day should take a writing course as well. Thank you again.


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