Standing in these shadows

where I’ve hidden for so long.

Its hard to remember a time,

when nothing has gone wrong.


It seems for all the good I do,

the bad outweighs it all.

I try to rise above it,

but eventually I will fall.


Living life on an eggshell,

while it cracks beneath my feet.

Never on the winning side,

this race with my demons, I cannot defeat.


Sordid loser? maybe,

but what’s the point of a losers race?

Tell me why I feel this,

someone put me in my place.


I fear the love of another,

so I hide within my hate.

So as I loathe my inner feelings,

this abomination is my only fate.


Remain hidden in the shadows,

keeping away from the light of day.

Darkness keeps me comfortable,

so within it I will stay.


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