Death Blooms

Death blooms

around the bloodied beating of this heart

recalling memories lost

tormented by ones thoughts

tearing at my lips


I want silence

peace be needed

where none have laid to rest

but many a man has lost himself

looming behind shadows

darkness hides the face of agony

peeling layers of flesh back

revealing hidden truths

hidden lies

same thing these days

riddles posing further questions

answers unbeknownst to me

tearing at these inseams

in hopes to get a peek

at my inner workings

is there something that I seek?

seek and you shall find

though I haven’t yet


never finding

what may not even be left

lost forever

always losing ground

transparencies are bound

within these walls of glass

can you see what is see through?

do I even need to ask?

and yet everything I am

I am something you are not

ripples in troubled waters

while you’re throwing little rocks

slowly create a tidal wave

to wash over my shores

dissolving my secret castle

my tiny sand built walls

devastation at the core of my whole being

fiercely torn in two

you brought down my house

when your storm came rushing through

scurry off into the blackened distance

for there’s nothing left for me

on that wishy washy shoreline

you made sure of that

you made sure of everything

because everything you are

you were something I was not

so wash away my castle

and look right through this glass

see my failing inner workings

and reminisce my tortured past

as silence falls upon me

I will now lay down my head

for I grow tired of your torment

and weary of your tests

the pain of drowning

in my blood within this chest

is more than I could hope for

as I look forward to my final rest


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