The dawn cannot break
if I remain in this dream.
I’ll hold the night hostage,
till you’re back with me.

In this reverie of sorts,
where you’re still by my side.
My heart on my sleeve,
no longer needing to hide.

Holding you close,
all the night, in this dream.
While you are the glue
keeping me tight at the seams.

I fear if I wake,
by my side you’ll be not.
So this dream I keep on,
because it is all that I’ve got.

This lie that I tell,
it is an absolute must.
For if I let these tears fall,
my heart may become dust.

If I ever wake
from this dark fantasy,
and look to my side
without you next to me…

I could not go on,
and my story would end.
My slumber keeps me safe,
awakened I can no longer pretend.

In this comatose state
I beg to remain.
When my eyes are still closed,
I will have you again.


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