Though I know that you are toxic,

I would die for one last kiss.

Infection running through my blood,

poisonous love upon your lips.


If you could hold me in your fiery arms,

my heart would melt within your clutch.

I know your love is rotten to the core,

and I would wilt at your very touch.


What is the point to living,

if your love wasn’t worth the pain?

And why must I bleed repeatedly,

if you were never mine to gain?


To die while held within your arms,

shall never be my fate.

For you have turned my love for you,

into a searing hate.


2 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. wow, i love the lingering in this poem, alot. 🙂 it’s a great mysterious piece of work here, but seems to have a love-hate relationship going on.. i like your expression of words, its a different type of stage of lovee. 0.0 kept up the good work, i’ll be following!


    1. It’s actually about someone that I still love a lot, but we were bad for each other. I am glad that you liked it. It is just a rough version, I may perfect it a bit when I get the chance.


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