Behind These Eyes

Look beyond my hazel eyes

and tell me what you see?

Do you see me?

I mean really see me.

See who I am inside and out.

See who I have become,

not what I have become.

If you see me in a different light,

than the one that I emit,

you may be on to something.

But if all you see is the dull yellow

that I’ve been slowly dimming for years

than you need to keep looking.

Look deeper,

look beyond the darkness,

behind the shadow that surrounds me.

Look into the soul that is hiding,

she’s there,



longing for someone to find her.

To save her,

to see her.

Will you give it another shot?

Will you look deeper under the surface?

Will you check behind every door?

Search even in that scary cobweb ridden basement.

Hopefully you find her,

and when you do you will understand.

There is more than what is perceived

upon my surface,

and when you finally see that,

will you then and only then see me.


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