The Wiggler

This is entry number two into the Trifecta Writing Challenge.



The way she wiggled when she walked and that dress that could barely be considered a dress was my first clue that she was cheap.  What he saw in her was obvious.  He always liked them sorta sleazy, and this one was no different.  If my mother was still alive he wouldn’t be acting like this, but since she died he’s been as loose with his morals as a twenty year old rubber band.  My mother, our mother was like his best friend, when she died I think my brother was afraid to get close to another woman.  So he kept his distance while having his fun with these girls.  I guess I can’t say I blame him, nobody will ever be able to take her place, she was perfect.

Free Bird

My head lies on the pillow awaiting for a dream
                   to sweep me up and away from here
               away from everything that I have seen
                           The lights get to be too bright
                      will you dim them down a bit for me?
                                 There's so much in this darkness
                           that I have yet to get a chance to see
                                          Something evil may be lurking
                                       but those chances are pretty low
                                             Under the spark of a shooting star
                                                    I can wander around forever
                                                   ever knowing where I will go
                                                         This dream will be a journey
                                      one that will take me to places I've never been
                                                                 Imagination gets to run wild
                                                                 not destined to run in place
                                                                            I am free within my head
                                                           to roam wherever I want inside this space
                                              So vast
                                                                               No more reasons to hide myself
                                                                         I can finally outrun my damaged past
                                                                                            Away from pain, and anger
                                                                                          I can leave them far behind
                             For I am finally a free bird
                                               when I get lost inside my mind

Andy And I (trifecta challenge)

This week Trifecta’s Writing Challenge has the prompt cheap.  We had to use the third definition of the word which is A) of inferior quality or worth and B) Contemptible because of lack of any fine, lofty, or redeeming qualities.

I hope you enjoy!  🙂


Andy and I had spent the afternoon walking along the beach holding hands and collecting different shades of sea glass.  I found more blue pieces than he did, for once.  We put them collectively in a small bucket I bring specifically for simple treasures I may find.  We walked back from the shore towards the boardwalk, still hand in hand.  The salty mist from the ocean had made me thirsty and we were on the hunt for a good bar to grab a few drinks.  Andy ordered a long island ice tea for me, it was my favorite.  I had a few too many so we decided to cut the night short and go back to my house to spend the rest of the evening together.  We made love that night for hours until my drink finally kicked my ass and I fell asleep.  I woke up only long enough to check if his arm was around me and it was, so I shut my eyes again.

When I rolled over in the morning Andy wasn’t there.  I sent him a text that said good morning with no response.  I drove to town to run some errands and grab some tea with toast for breakfast.  I was reading and something caught my eye, it was Andy.  He was with a woman and a child.  Walking while holding hands they stopped outside the diner window and kissed.  I don’t think he saw me, and at that moment I was glad that he hadn’t.  I saw the gold ring on his finger and slunk down in my booth.  I paid my bill, took the backdoor out and drove home.  Andy was married?  I felt so cheated.  I felt cheap, like the side dish that one would order with a prime rib dinner.  I loved him, but in that moment I realized I didn’t even know who he was.





meant never

in the eyes of deceit

in the words of someone like you



was nothing of

the sort of nonsense

that someone like you does speak



is just a feeling

that one reserves

until it seeps into ones severed soul



is nothing more

than what you asked for

being everything you shall receive

True Love unfinished…

as the title states this one is unfinished…



True love fails to exist

in the arms that I’ve been given

and the love I have been shown

has been a lie that I have ridden

out to the shores of the ocean

to drown in all that you have been

 in order to love without emotion

I’ll have to find myself again

The waters have their ripples

as they are tossed amongst the sands

as the shorelines will surely diminish

hiding everything within these hands

beneath their grains of angry tears

and their wet sands piled sky high

the castles once built strong and tall

are now leveled with the sky lines

When your pretty little lies go over

other peoples simple little heads

I’ll stand in the line of fire

remembering everything you said

Pretty Little Lies

You seem so comfortable in your life

surrounded by all those pretty little lies

But I know all the truths that you don’t tell

I can see through those pretty little eyes


Contentions are laid to rest

from the lies that you have told

But they seep right through my hands

because your lies I will not hold


Even when it’s what you want from me

with your fallacies I will not contend

Your lies have grown to hurt me

so no longer will I be here to defend


As small as I may matter to you

you mean a hell of a lot to me

Everything I thought you were

is everything that I wanted to be


But as your lies overwhelm me

to you they are simple truths

What you put off as absolute

is full of all these sugary untruths


Someday I will be strong enough

walk away from it for once and for all

I will fight throughout the bullshit

and will continue to stand up tall.

Moving On

Last night I dreamt of you.  It felt so real, you looked so real, your embrace felt like it used to.  It hasn’t happened in awhile, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.  It brings back painful memories to the surface, and I have been trying to rid myself from them for some time.  If only life could be as simple as it it within my slumber.  Then I know everything would be ok.  In my dream everything was great, no fighting, no petty arguments, and most of all you loved me.  I miss the time when all of those things were real.  Those times are gone, and so are you.


I have got to move passed this,

I have got to stay strong.

The love that we had was great,

but now it’s long gone.

So I’ll wake up from this magical dream,

where things aren’t the way that they seem.

And keep pushing those memories out of my head,

until not one is ever recalled while I lie in my bed.


Single lonely tear drop falls onto the floor

Remembering her past, she yearns for something more

Something deep inside her, starting to reappear

No longer holding onto those things that she did fear

Opens up her windows as she closes her broken door

Piecing together her heart that her inner battlefield had tore

Google Search ImageStitches required mending, her cracks needed bits of glue

In the end knowing she could finally be herself again

Would be what got her through


My last and only breath

will have to do me justice

I love you just isn’t enough

but I’m afraid I have to rush this

The time that I have left

more precious than one could know

not nearly enough chances

for my love to truly show

I hope you understand this

for I am still not sure

but they say any time now

that there isn’t any cure

Just know that after everything

my heart beats just for you

someday when we meet again

we can start this love anew

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