Finally Free

With this blood slipping through my fingers

I finally walk away

from you

Blood on Cloak by Mohzart

from everything you were

everything I used to be

I walk away as innocent as I walked in

emerging from within your hell

I am burnt

and I am broken

I am silent to the touch

and cold to the sight of this

not looking back

never turning around

I couldn’t do it anymore

had to let it go

you already killed the best of me

my knife covered in blood

as I hit the floor

with this hole upon my chest

and my heart inside my hand

I finished what you started

free, free

finally free

the devil can dance around my body

I expect no sympathetic words from he

my empty soul is yours

for I need it not

All you ever wanted

was all you ever got…

the end of me

whether I liked it or not…


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