All Hope Is Gone

I used to believe in a future

but now all my hope is gone.

I am so battered,

so broken.

Left alone to suffer

within this hell I have created.

I’ve search for many reasons,

not knowing what I was searching for.

Proven wrong time and again.

Losing comfort in my own surface,

I scratch to get out.

Clawing at my own skin

until my inner is revealed.

In my silence I am outspoken,

yet you hear not what I say.

I feel lost, and misguided.


my heart was stolen,

and on my search to find it,

I fell out of space.

I run in place.

Falling flat on my face.

I hide from you,

from myself as well.

Burning endlessly in my own hell.

I am tired,

I want to sleep.

But sleep evades me,

as it always does.

Growing weaker,

growing meeker.

Lost within myself.

Hiding in the shadows.

Running from the light.

I have lost faith in everything I once knew.

I have been lost within the night.


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