Fake A Smile

I too can fake a smile

it’s very simple after all

I pretend that I’m not broken

after any of my many falls


I suffer in my silence

letting tears stop at my lid

Cries that I keep to myself

with everything I have hid


At home I stand on crutches

but outside I stand up tall

With you I walk in step

but inside I want to crawl


Pain can’t show on the surface

or else my facade would break

My interior’s already cracking

there’s not much more that I can take


Afraid I’ll be like this forever

with this mask I can’t remove

Although my face glows a pretty pink

the lie’s not hard to disprove


When will this masquerade be over

so I can gladly leave this ball

Crawl in step and cry my eyes out

finally be myself once and for all


But for you dear

I too can fake a smile…


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