Bad Deal

This is my second entry into Trifecta’s Writing Challenge.  I am throwing a poem in to the mix because, well that’s what I do best, that’s where my heart lies.  Story telling is foreign and is somewhat confusing to me.  Especially being bound to space.  But I hope you all enjoy it anyways, poetry is more personal to me, and this one speaks to me.  🙂


I have got to seek

and I’ve got to find

the old me

that I have left behind


She was strong

and not this meek

she had balls of steel

and was never weak


I know she’s there

I just have to look

lost herself within you

and everything you took


I’ll get her back

you just wait and see

she’ll be everything

you didn’t expect her to be


A heart can bleed

but someday it will heal

she can no longer hide behind

how you used to feel


She played your game

it was not a fair fight

but she played it clean

with all of her losing might


12 thoughts on “Bad Deal

    1. That means so much to me, I am a poet at heart, and idk if you’ve read any of my normal poetry blog before Trifecta found its way onto it, but I have been slowly making a transition from broken to piecing myself back together. I am so glad that you liked it so much. 🙂


  1. Glad that you are piecing yourself back together again after you’ve obviously had struggles. This piece (and the other) are so honest and true.


  2. Thanks for linking up (again) to Trifecta. We always welcome poetry and are glad you decided to submit another one, in a format you enjoy. This is nicely done. The emotion is raw and honest, which is always appreciated. See you back soon.


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