Moving On

Last night I dreamt of you.  It felt so real, you looked so real, your embrace felt like it used to.  It hasn’t happened in awhile, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.  It brings back painful memories to the surface, and I have been trying to rid myself from them for some time.  If only life could be as simple as it it within my slumber.  Then I know everything would be ok.  In my dream everything was great, no fighting, no petty arguments, and most of all you loved me.  I miss the time when all of those things were real.  Those times are gone, and so are you.


I have got to move passed this,

I have got to stay strong.

The love that we had was great,

but now it’s long gone.

So I’ll wake up from this magical dream,

where things aren’t the way that they seem.

And keep pushing those memories out of my head,

until not one is ever recalled while I lie in my bed.


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