Andy And I (trifecta challenge)

This week Trifecta’s Writing Challenge has the prompt cheap.  We had to use the third definition of the word which is A) of inferior quality or worth and B) Contemptible because of lack of any fine, lofty, or redeeming qualities.

I hope you enjoy!  🙂


Andy and I had spent the afternoon walking along the beach holding hands and collecting different shades of sea glass.  I found more blue pieces than he did, for once.  We put them collectively in a small bucket I bring specifically for simple treasures I may find.  We walked back from the shore towards the boardwalk, still hand in hand.  The salty mist from the ocean had made me thirsty and we were on the hunt for a good bar to grab a few drinks.  Andy ordered a long island ice tea for me, it was my favorite.  I had a few too many so we decided to cut the night short and go back to my house to spend the rest of the evening together.  We made love that night for hours until my drink finally kicked my ass and I fell asleep.  I woke up only long enough to check if his arm was around me and it was, so I shut my eyes again.

When I rolled over in the morning Andy wasn’t there.  I sent him a text that said good morning with no response.  I drove to town to run some errands and grab some tea with toast for breakfast.  I was reading and something caught my eye, it was Andy.  He was with a woman and a child.  Walking while holding hands they stopped outside the diner window and kissed.  I don’t think he saw me, and at that moment I was glad that he hadn’t.  I saw the gold ring on his finger and slunk down in my booth.  I paid my bill, took the backdoor out and drove home.  Andy was married?  I felt so cheated.  I felt cheap, like the side dish that one would order with a prime rib dinner.  I loved him, but in that moment I realized I didn’t even know who he was.




14 thoughts on “Andy And I (trifecta challenge)

  1. I was drawn in to your emotional story. I feel sorry for Andy’s family – his wife probably has no idea what he’s been up to. At least the narrator found out…although that doesn’t soothe the pain of being deceived.


  2. Ouch. I like this one from the perspective of the mistress. Many stories like this focus on the wife’s loss. It’s hard to see that the ‘other woman’ may not have known she was ‘other’. In many cases, in fact, I think it is this latter situation.


  3. Thanks for linking up again. You’ve really captured the selfishness of this man. The fact that he’d removed his wedding ring, that he’d sneaked off in the morning without so much as a goodbye and that he’s gone straight from her bed to be with his wife and child. Like Jester, I like how you portrayed this from a different angle. Hope to see you for the weekend challenge.


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