Let Your Sun Shine Down (for my mother)

And I thought I heard you shouting

from out behind the moon

So I searched for you there to no avail

I must be just imagining things again

I do that from time to time

I will picture your face on a nobody

who is simply passing me by

Sad isn’t it?

Am I that far lost?

You are so far away

but you reside within my heart

I see you in everything

reflections of me, of my past

growing up from the earth

shining down on me from above

You’re there on every sunny day

but I know when the clouds cover the sky

that you’re still there

you’d never go away again would you?

I need you there, here, everywhere

I need you now, like I needed you then

I miss you more than ever

To see you again would be heaven

here on this gray earth

There’s not much I would pray for

but I would do it for you

Just one more day

is more than I can have

But I will settle for the sunshine

that still reminds me of you

And I will bask in it’s warmth

from time to time to keep you close

As close as I can keep you.


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