That One…

There will always be that one…
                           who got away
   that was never meant to be 
                          who, no matter what
     would always understand
                            and no matter where you were
     would always hold your hand

That one…
                              who took his time
             breaking you into bits
                          who swore that the future held forever
               when he loved only day to day
                that you loved with all your heart
                            but no amount of love would make him stay

That one…
           who, when times got tough
                         he looked the other way
who, when temptation looked him in the eye
              he went outside to play
                            who lied to save himself
while keeping you at bay

That one…
                       who had everything
       and he gave it all away
                    who was poison on the lips 
      and pain within my heart
who's one forsaken kiss
                 had surely killed me from the start

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