Depths Of Hell

I seem to have grown bitter

as the world around me rots away.

Not much left to keep me going,

nothing much left for me to say.


I try to keep my head up

while the world just holds it down

under the dirty water I swallow my fill,

breathing it in until I drown


I’ve lost my heart along the way

on this twisted path I travel.

And the truth comes out from hiding

as my life starts to unravel


I choke down all the lies

that I keep getting told.

Not a single word they tell me is solid

not a one that I can hold


And I’m sick of feeling tired

of the falseness in your face

For once just be here with me, for me

or forever leave this place


I have been losing admiration

for the ones I used to love.

Seeking guidance from ones I’ve lost

I look to them above.


Wanting absolution from this world

of blackened dust and dying land.

The sky is slowly burning down

upon the waters and whitened sand.


Tearing everything that I know

down to the muddied ground.

Sinking deep within this wreckage

can’t find a reason to be found.


I’ll stay here all by myself

and let it do its damage.

Fighting my way out of this one,

seems to be more than I can manage.


Down into the depths of hell

I am sure I will fit in nice.

Even as fire does surround me,

it can’t melt this heart of ice.


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