Book Of Shadows

My book of shadows

has been well written

Gathering all I’ve been told

although I’d never listened

Putting two and two together

after all of these years

Held down by your weight

I cried so many tears

Given many ultimatums

yet never a choice

No matter how loud I got

you always tuned out my voice

There’s not much left to say

for you never truly hear

I tried as hard as I could

to keep everything near

But the more I’m drowned out

the bigger the void in me grows

And as much as I try to hide it

my darkness is starting to show

Everything that I’ve hid deep

all of those things in myself that I fear

Rising back up to the surface

as this hell that I’ve run from grows near

So close to the flames I can taste them

as the ash lands squarely on my tongue

I’ll let the oncoming inferno take me

I’ve no fight left, for it has already won…

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