Just A Simple Soundtrack

I haven’t done this in awhile and I feel this is the right song to start back up with.  This song is by a Finnish band that are absolutely amazing.  I love their music and I ‘m sad to say that I don’t actually own any of their albums, which I am going to have to remedy.  They are very underestimated in the US music industry, and really should be way more popular than they are.  Anyway the band is called The Rasmus, and I chose this song for my soundtrack because, well, as anyone who reads my poems can tell how melancholy they are.  I have been in a shroud of darkness lately.  I moved to Florida for family reasons, but I left most of my family and friends behind in NY and I still feel so lonely here.  And there is that old love I left behind that still is in my thoughts and no matter how hard I try I still miss him.  Even after a year apart.  And this song feels like me, feels like us.  Feels like how I have felt this whole time being away from people I love.  Sacrifice is a hard thing to do, and doesn’t always make you happy.  But I am here for my kids and I am making it work, but I still have that longing for that one in my past that haunts me still.  I hope one day it passes but for now I deal.  Anyways this song is called Keep Your Heart Broken by The Rasmus.  Enjoy




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