Changing Spaces

I’m tired of changing spaces

and I’m sick of feeling faceless

I am distraught from running in circles

because there’s always one more hurdle

I get lost in my own thinking

and I feel myself slowly sinking

from this I have taught nothing

I only wish I had learned something

I am tired of the waiting

for I am surely fading

never knowing where I am headed

only knowing I am still indebted

to those who shall remain nameless

to those of us who still are faceless

I’m still running circles viciously

because my life played out fictitiously

I give up on fighting this solo

the string is finally breaking on this yoyo

and I am just trying to outrun

all the wrongs that I have done

slowly losing my mind

never again for me to find

just an apathetic loser in this space

here I am without a face…

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