This Mask

This mask that hides my thoughts
Glass eyes reflecting the light
As to falsify my life
To appear as something I’m not
Or living
My body is a tomb
Encroached upon my soul
Swallowing all I offered
Of myself
Liveliness lives here not
No longer at least

This mask hides scars
Wounds from battles
I’ve won and lost
Red flags, white flags, black flags
Thrown up in the air
You pick
You chose

This mask
That covers the lips of a liar
Underlined with truth
Subtle truths
Perplexing revelations in denial
Silencing the screams I hold within
Silence is key

The mask that resembles my likeness
Uncovering an emptiness
A glimmer of hope
Drowned out by my own device
Revealing holes
That have been hollowed out to my core
I’m such a bore
Even I can’t stand to look in the mirror
Not without the mask

The mask who creates a false reality
That allows me to be different
Creating something out of nothing
Believe the lie
I have
I will gladly pretend
My formulaic existence
Behind the mask

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