Perfectly Honest

To be perfectly honest

Happiness and I conflict

Another blow over my shoulder

My heart fails to persist


To be perfectly truthful

I never thought it’d last

Never thought he’d fix me

Nor did I forget my broken past


To be perfectly candid

It’s been like any other day

But just like every other hopeful

This one didn’t stay


To be perfectly forthright

I’m surprised the sun did shine

Even if only for a day

But no worries, I’ll be just fine

You Said

Live in the moment, you said

As I lie here dying

Say what you must, you said

So with my last breath

I whispered your name

My first death

One of many

Metaphorically speaking

You only live once, you said

But I’ve seen too much already

You live what you learn, you said

I’ve learned heartbreak a plenty

The battlegrounds of life

My first loss

One of many

Seasoned vet in the art of love and war

You will always be here, you said

As you were walking away

You’ll never really be far, you said

In my heart you will stay

I’ll keep your memory

My first love

One of many

To love true, is to hold on forever

The Calm

It is quiet and it is peaceful
        just the calm before the storm
          It creeps up slowly behind usĀ 
      with a CRASH
upon my door
         Fiercely knocking to get in
      I will try to keep it at bay
          Nothing more I know to do
   but to fight another day

Acid Love

It felt like I was melting

Dripping acid on my heart

As every word you swore to me

Slowly tore my world apart

I died in every instance

When you placed your hand in mine

And every kiss you gave me

was a drop of poison in my wine

My wounds, they grew deeper

As your lies within me spread

Carved themselves throughout me

Inserting these visions in my head

I have died and gone to hell

In these fires that you tend

And this decrepit love of mine

Has nothing left of it to mend

Heart Beats

My heart beats like whispers

Just a star amongst the storm

An irrational constellation

That is quietly taking form

To shine below the heavens

Shedding light onto this land

Forged by the fury of your orbit

As you’ve graced me with a hand

To hold me down onto this dirt

As we wait out this stormy weather

Beneath these blackened skies

Our hearts shall beat together


I feel like I’m running circles

Doing laps inside my head

Never imagined living this life

feeling like part of me was dead

I’ve lost so many battles

I don’t know where to begin

But I can drag myself through this

and I will walk upright again

I peer inside my inner self

so I can find my motivation

To move in any direction

to land where I fall

no pre determined destination




Like rain from the heavens

Or a star out of the sky

Like ice off a heated rooftop

breaking as it hits rock bottom



Like the slam of a hammer

Or a rock over the cliff side

Like concrete shoes

drifting down to the ocean floor



Into depths still unknown

Or hells burning fires

The flames melt my heart of ice

leaving me in ashes once again


The weight of it all

has me breaking

into tiny bits

Just ragged pieces

No answers given

and even fewer reasons

Heavy as my heart

Begin to sink below the earth

digging up everything

I had hid beneath this dirt

Secrets surface

All my truths revealed

I must be merely dreaming

because none of me is real


Your storm came rushing through

and it swept me off my feet

Telling me stories of the wind

and I was in defeat

Heightened by the heavens

retired in the dirt

Water under my burning feet

these wounds no longer hurt

Hiding in my own salvation

lonely and rejected from your praise

I lie grounded in my corner

to live out these hallowed days