On The Edge

Standing on the edge of this cliff.

Looking down into the abyss,

the rocky waters.

Hoping for something to give,

to help me over the edge,

to stare down my impending death.

I fall…

Drowning in the waters below.

As the waves pull me under,



Fiercely tearing me in every direction.

Pulling me away from everything I once was.

Everything I wished to leave behind.

Drifting off to be scattered amongst the silt,

to become one with the earth.

To disappear from everything

I never want to experience again.

The love,

the hatred,

the hurt,

the waiting for nothing.

Always sacrificing myself for something,

for someone.

So I wait at the top of the highest hill for my savior.

I long for that one gust of wind,

that has the strength that I have not to jump,

to take it out of my hands.

To rescue me from this.

Save me


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