I grow tired
As I soak in all this light
I dream for one to steal me
Into the darkness of the night
To lead me down the pathway
Disheveled and unclean
To a place unbeknownst to I
One that I’ve never been
A place riddled with hatred
More than I’ve held inside
A shack amongst the shoreline
In the wake of the rising tide
But as I’m shackled to my memories
Ones that I shall never be set free
A simple dream is all I’ll have
In the enlightened side of me.


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. When you write
    Makes my mind soar
    Your words make love
    I beg for more
    A breath of air
    In this sad place
    You bring a smile
    To my face

    You do not tease
    I do not beg
    Your sweet phrase
    Has set the stage
    Like fingers on
    Skin so bare
    Your lyrics soothe
    Satisfy despair

    A written line
    But not to me
    To I don’t know
    But still I see
    Your world is dark
    It fills me up
    Like so much wine
    Drank from my cup

    From inside you
    Words penetrate
    To make anew
    And in the end
    I still crave more
    My body aches
    Girl sing some more


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