Your shadow engulfs me like a cloak
Under which I can hide
From myself,
From the world,
From the truth of it all
Keeping me warm
Tucked under your wings
Holding me close despite everything
Lost in those words
That you speak so well
Falling asleep so calm
In the midst of a raging hell
Holding my hand tight
Despite your bitter touch
Keeping me safe
Keeping me in thought
Keeping me bound
In this place
In your arms
Under your cloak made of shadows

2 thoughts on “Cloaked

    1. well that would certainly be very kind of you, if I believed there might be one as well. But I am blessed anyways just by having people read my poems. I have always written and kept things to myself, a friend suggested I start this blog last year and it has been the best idea ever. My face lights up everytime someone actually likes something I’ve written. 🙂


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