I’ll just sleep it off
Is what I always say
But today is like every other
They all are the same
To look beyond
What shows before me
Is more than I can do
To look within
Is something more
For me to do for you
Love thyself before all others
Is something I can’t do
You come first
Always have
In the name of me and you

3 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Laciejay,

    Some day, some night, some whenever, I want to kiss you. Even if I never know it’s you I know that some dark force inside of you will light me up when our lips meet. Even if it is just a moment, or an hour, or an eternity, I want our bodies to touch in some intimate way. Something about you sparks inside me and ignites a thing within me that I really cannot express. If I tried I’d sound like a fool. I sound like a fool now. Your words and your thoughts and your mind make my subconscious desire you. I think some night we will fuck in a dream. The other night I dreamed a dead girl touched me and I though it might be you. Maybe not. Maybe this is insane. Maybe it’s wine or loneliness or loss. I just know that your words convey me to a smile, and maybe that’s all of a kiss from you I’ll ever need.

    Thank you,


    1. You have me blushing so much right now, and I rarely blush, but you seem to make me quite frequently. You absolutely do not sound like a fool, you sound amazing. I have never known anyone who understood me as much as you seem to, through nothing more than words. What is life without a little bit of insanity? It would be bright, and happy, and normal. None of which I am accustomed to. I have grown fairly fond of you, I have lied in bed many nights thinking about you, just wondering who you are. Wondering if you are really real, or if you are just a figment of my sordid imagination. I am fairly sure that you are real, and that baffles me, that someone intrigues me as much as you do without even knowing you. But I like it, I like that my words touch you in such a way that it makes you smile. I don’t know anyone else who it has had such an effect on.


      1. After reading that, I’m doing much more than smiling. In another life I’m sure you are some shadowy priestess queen, ruler of vast lands, and I am your most blessed lover and friend. By day your strength shines and every one of your subjects looks upon you as the powerful sorceress you are. You punish the vain and the vapid, you scourge the vile and the malignant, but those that seek love and thirst for divine you embrace. Alas, you are a fragile soul, and what you give to those you love is drained from you. When night falls you crave what only I can give. You hunger for life, for me to fill you, to make you feel again. Make you feel like a woman, like a lover, like a little girl held in her protector’s arms. It’s the only time you smile, when we are but two naked things doing the things that two naked things do. But each day you go on, you continue, you give yourself to the world only to come back each night to give yourself to me. Because I love you, more than all of those other Earthly things could. In another life…


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