A moment

Just now I had a moment
And for just that moment I had everything I ever wanted
I had it held tightly inside my cupped hands
I felt it
I had wished for it and there it was
It felt so wonderful
It felt like forever
But forever never lasts
As that moment slowly slipped away
Like white sands between my fingers
To drift away with the waves
Surely gone forever
But I can still sense it
The recollection is just enough
Just enough to know that I had had a moment


3 thoughts on “A moment

    1. Sometimes I wish I had never had those moments. Whomever said it is better to have loved and lost than to never to have loved at all, must have been a sadist. But I suppose we all are in a way. You have plenty of years left to have a moment, hopefully you get one that actually lasts a lifetime. The other ones just suck. 🙂


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