I am just dragging myself over a cliff
Hurling myself onto a bunch of jagged rocks
Fiercely tearing me apart limb by limb as I fall
Piece by fucking piece
Slowly draining every last drop of blood from this lifeless hunk of flesh I call home
Staining these rocks with what once was my life force
No longer bleeding
My hearts no longer beating
My loneliness no longer needing
A hopeless kind of lover like you
Torn into bits by your metaphorical hands
Your ice riddled bitter heart left me frost bitten
Left alone in this world
Meak and broken
Silenced, unspoken
Hidden in the shadows of the sun
So I climbed the highest mountain
Threw my pennies in the fountain
And wished myself finally rid of you
I crawled to the edge
Said your name in a prayer
As I dragged myself over a cliff

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