Stay Hidden

Up again go these walls,
engulfing what I hold dearest.
Hiding in the darkest,
deepest corner,
in hopes it’ll never be found.
I’ve grown comfortable in myself,
not with myself,
but in myself.
Buried deep under my layers.
Safe again.
Silence can’t come soon enough.
I’m done searching.
Finished waiting in line,
waiting my turn.
Stowing away everything I’m afraid to lose.

Everything I know you’d take, given the chance.

No more chances.

No more hoping,
longing for something.
For anything at all.
Contentions laid to rest.
In this blanket of flesh,
I build my walls up of stone.
A non penetrable force,
to guard my heart,
my life, my love, my everything…
My nothing at all.

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