Tears That Fall

These tears of mine that fall, they don’t fall in vain,
but in unholy anguish.

At the simple mention of your name.

My love.

That whisper in the wind,
it reminds me of your breath.

The breath that used to caress my neck, as I slept.

As you secretly thought of another. Someone more to hold,
just another lover.

My love.

Oblivious to your wants and wishes, I was sideswiped by your conditions, in this nightmare I was having.

A karma ridden dream, punishment of the unforeseen.

As you kept pretending,
I caught a hint of a broken bridge elsewhere you were mending.

Where does that leave me,
after all these bones I have broken, and after all of my bending?

Fighting a war that was sure to be lost.

Blood, tears, and flesh, drowned in my dream of you,

My love.

So you snuck away while I slept,
a slight tear you wept for me,
leaving me stuck in this abhorrent reverie.

In my sleep I felt the warm drift off,
as the winter slowly slipped in between the sheets.

In this dream of you, I loved,
even after you left.

Your heart wasn’t in it as mine was.

Alone lost in that nightmare, tortured soul, broken fortitude.

Sorrow saddened that heart as it wept, come back.

My love.
Once my forever love.

Now just your defiled love.


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