Riding off into the Sunset

I’m here waiting on this shoreline
For a ship to come in from sea
For one to come, and sail far away with me

I hear the sirens voices
Calling me to their beach
But I’ve got my distance, my life is out of reach

If my boat ever comes in
I’ll sail off into the blue
Riding off into the sunset, searching for something new

While I wade here suffering
As this salt still stings my throat
I know that I’m my only lifesaver, I’ll try to keep myself afloat

But when these waves finally take me
And the current pulls me down
I’ll leave behing my memories, in these waters as I drown


So I sit here waiting

Waiting for the fall

on this lonely floor of hardwood

as I’m sifting through it all

Looking through the bullshit

Picking apart your lies

seeing beyond that make shift smile

Behind those pretty eyes

Waiting for damnation

To take me from your sins

You are the only battle

I know I could never win

Nor would I ever want to

So I will relive it all

for I know how my heart is

I will just keep waiting for the fall


tear me open

sew my wounds shut

break me down

then build me back up

keep me around

to distance yourself

place me on a pedestal

to heighten my fall

keep me alive

just to watch me die slowly

let me go

just to reel me back in

finish me off

repeat, and then do it again

Overflow Me

These memories,

They haunt me

They have filled me to the brim

Filled me with fire and ice

Choking on the ashes that fall from my own lips

Whilst my heart only grows colder


Contradicting the others ability

Those memories

Those taunting visions are the gasoline that fuels me

The ones that bring me down

Leaving nothing but  a hollowed out shell

Climb inside and replace those recollections

Fill me with your life

Your love

Make me overflow





A moment

Just now I had a moment
And for just that moment I had everything I ever wanted
I had it held tightly inside my cupped hands
I felt it
I had wished for it and there it was
It felt so wonderful
It felt like forever
But forever never lasts
As that moment slowly slipped away
Like white sands between my fingers
To drift away with the waves
Surely gone forever
But I can still sense it
The recollection is just enough
Just enough to know that I had had a moment