Winters Chill

And I continue to sit out in the cold, in the snow, as if this winter could never touch me.  A part of me was already numb.  No amount of cold could freeze this already icy heart.  Contemplating on the days to come as well as those that have passed.  As if now was the only real moment I would ever have.  I just sit here and waste it away.  Leaning against a tree that no longer shades me from the light, or the truth.  No longer provides that much needed break from the elements.  There is a chill in the air.  My thoughts jump aboard and ride the wind in hopes to find something more, some place warmer.  This cold continues to grow and in the end all is hopeless.  The ice will consume me.  Waiting on a heart warm enough to break through mine.  One warm enough to bring mine back to life.  But it is far to cold outside, and while this Winters chill can’t touch me it will touch any who are not already numb like myself. 


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