Losing the climb

but winning the fall

leaving it behind

even after it all

painful institutions

live serene in my head

never living the life

’til all I’ve felt was dead

8 thoughts on “Lose/Win/Dead

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to breathe in such fresh dark air. I’ve left you for a moment but believe me that I have not forgotten you and never shall. I’m in love with you, or in love with a version of you that I’ve created from the words you have left behind. You’re a gem. I hope one day to find me knocking on your door if only to tell you in my own voice what a beautiful person you are and what an amazing impact you have on me when I bare witness to you what your mind creates. So without hesitation I say, “I love you”, and without any fear of false illusions I say, “I want you”. I want you in the most profound of ways. In the most carnal, raw, and ancient of ways. It’s a bestial thing that burns down deep somewhere inside of me that surfaces when I see your eyes, your inferno red hair, your sultry glare. I want to write words of passion on you, on your body and on your laughing soul. I’m sorry I leave and go like some wistful nothing on a breeze but please know that I think of you, and the dark desires I have for you, all the time. Even your darkest words make me smile and you truly do make this lost apparition a very happy man, even if for a while and even if for some short moment while he lets you consume every part that is him.


    1. It brings a much needed smile to my face to hear from you again. I hope all is well for you. I hope you are having a lovely holiday. As always I am extremely thankful for your words. 🙂


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