You know what they say…

You know what they say, you are only as old as you feel.  Well I feel like I am 80.  I feel like I have just sat here and let everything pass me by.  I have failed to fully grasp onto the concept of happiness.  So here I am, another birthday goes by alone.  But it’s alright, it’s just another day, or I will treat it as such. If it wasn’t for spam emails reminding me that it was today I probably would have forgotten.  Damn that junk email.  I think it would be best not to even know when it comes anymore, that way I can’t be disappointed.  Plus if I act like it never happened does that mean I won’t age?  I hope so.  But for now, I have been reminded so I will deal.  So happy birthday to me.  I hope your day goes better than mine will 😀


13 thoughts on “You know what they say…

    1. Well thank you, and it’s alright, I’m just in a lonely mood lately not any ones fault but my own. How have you been? I am visiting my grandmother in NY, so I don’t have access to a computer, but I will try and read your blog through my phone. 🙂


      1. I’m been good…awww…don’t feel like your alone. I’m here for you…if you ever need a friend to talk to. You are a sweet person and I’m always thinking of you…:) Try if you can tomorrow…I’m so excited for my next post. 🙂


  1. I found you through a WoW review on influenster. Just wanted to lurk. Happy be-lated birthday, although I’m sure it doesn’t mean much coming from a stranger. Just be positive, things get better.. I promise 🙂


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