The Whisper In The Wind

the cold lingers

her heart pulls it in close

pretending not to see

through the lies

crying on the inside

letting go once again

tearing herself apart

for things she cannot change

convincing no one she’s ok

although she tries

my god does she try

someone light a fire

to warm that heart of hers

relieve her

from this hell that she serves

holding onto barbs

as the blood drips from her hand

grasping for something

that no one seems to understand

shrouded by her own reflection

no more shadows on the ground

the light that doesn’t guide her

has helped her lose her way

taking hold of the icy chill

the whispers in the wind deceive you

she’s nowhere to be found

Do Me In

I’ve become disconnected

as this infection 

within me spreads

gnawing to get out

dying to do me in…

fighting for this blood

slowing in these veins

drowning in my own destruction

again and again and again

losing the spark 

within the fire

forming ice over my remains

I welcomed your poison 

as it seeped under my skin

ripping through me

dying to do me in…


The sky falls down like ashes 

Dusting its blackness upon my skin

Burning through my flesh and bone

Corroding from within

Darkened skies and blackened hearts

Grant witness to my sin

Underneath the forsaken moon

I die only to live again

My Days

I spend my days thinking

of things I should’ve said

Of things that I can not forget

They keep running through my head


I spend my weeks wishing

some people would someday change

That something would make them see

their priorities need be rearranged


I’ve spent my years wondering

just where I have gone wrong

How I can change my future

how I can again be strong


I could spend a lifetime hoping

for things that may never come true

Or I could spend that same time

changing my point of view



You look, but fail to see
You hear, but fail to listen
You touch, but fail to feel
You are within reach, yet so very far away
You may be out of sight, but you’re never out of mind