Paper Thin

My walls are paper thin 

even though I am made of glass

All these things I hold within

can still knock me on my ass


There are no words to help me cope

with all the horrors I have seen

Even if I’m filled with hope

this slate will not wipe clean


Some memories stand still

even as the days roll by

Some continue to make me ill

No need to ask me why


These thoughts that fill my mind

will remain until I let them go

No longer pretending to be blind

So here, I let my feelings show


7 thoughts on “Paper Thin

  1. Oh my god.. where are you.. I need to hold and hug you for this. This is the most beautiful piece… it’s simple sweet words, hold so much truth, meaning, pain, reality, life, me, it’s all there. Thank you sweetheart, sweet friend.. you are forever a piece of this heart I call mine. I love having you here to write & talk with! These words aren’t enough to explain my gratitude & appreciation. ((tears)) You are in possession of a very rare & beautiful soul. ~ Jen


    1. I know how losing someone can tear through you, nobody should have to feel that pain alone. You have been a friend to me, when I have had no others, and for that I am grateful. I am here, right here always, just a few key strokes away from you anytime you need someone 🙂


      1. Awe, well I’m so happy to know that in my reaching out to you, you received my words & warmth. There are so many people in this world who can hurt and scar us, but I like to prove that there are also people who come into our lives that love us and give us nothing but kindness!! I will always give you kindness and love girl.. always! 🙂


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