In my veins

I hate that the one I truly love 

cannot be around

I hate that this touch is toxic

and to that poison I am bound

I hate that this love has gone sour

like milk left out of the fridge

I hate how your love compels me

to leap blinded over a bridge

I hate how all this time has disappeared

and yet this love still shows

I hate how this love still exists

but mostly that every day it still grows


13 thoughts on “In my veins

    1. I have been through some shit in my lifetime, but hey if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have much to write about. And thank you for being a friend Charlie, it is very much appreciated, I have missed reading you as well, I will hop right on over to check it out 🙂


  1. This is brilliant. This is beautiful. We are all just a little beautifully broken when it comes to love… aren’t we sweet friend..?

    I have been all over the place these days…. things not going particularly well here… but I’m not completely drowning either… so, what do I make of that? Maybe I’ll write about just that: not drowning, but…

    I just read this piece of yours today my little sweetie and HAD to tell you how amazing you are. XoXo love you girl!! ~J


    1. Well I am always here if you need a lift to shore. I am usually hanging out in the water barely breathing myself. I am glad you liked this one, I had been talking to my ex, whom i still care deeply for and it made me really miss him. but we were bad for each other so it brings back so many emotions and voila, this came to mind. The eminem song, love the way you lie described mine and my exes relationship perfectly. That thing called love has made its way through me like a wrecking ball, I have lost a lot of me in the wreckage. But I am slowly putting my fragile pieces back together. love sucks lol Anyways, if you ever need someone to chat with you can always shoot me a message 🙂


      1. Oh thanks baby girl! You know you have me too, right? You and I have lots in common it seems… I think we are both delicate souls…. for sure.

        Yes, Love can truly suck. Love can truly be wonderful & amazing… It can be the best, the most and everything of the total opposites, wonderful & terrible. Quite the paradox.

        I will be in FL someday… ((Prob. a year from now… )) Then I will be mostly in the water with you!! This piece was wonderful pretty girl!! XoXo ~J


      2. I am definitely looking forward to your move to Florida, it will sure be nice having such a wonderful friend close by. I think you are right, we seem to have a lot in common and I am most definitely a delicate soul. 🙂


      3. ((I know baby girl!! I can tell… that you’re in possession of a sensitive soul… and that’s good. I love the sweet innocence of sensitivity. I can relate…))

        And, I cannot freakin wait till I get the heck outta here!! Hope we keep in touch till that day comes!! XoXo


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