Just A Simple Soundtrack

Lately I have been fighting myself. I’ve been digging up my past truths, fallacies, and memories, that once hurt less than they do now. I am caught in limbo, stuck questioning that which has no answer. I am fighting hand to hand with my faith. Not my faith as in religious terms, but faith in myself. I struggle to figure out a way around the hole I dig for myself. This song reminds me of my struggles. Although the thing Matty is struggling with in the song isn’t the same as mine, I love that I can interpret it to fit my situation and let it help me too. This song is called The Sinner by Memphis May fire.

7 thoughts on “Just A Simple Soundtrack

    1. I really appreciate it. I honestly have no idea what to do with it though. Not sure how to put the award on my page. Any hints for me? I’d love to display it properly 🙂


      1. Bright minds must think a lot, because I was just going to write you –

        so this is what you do – click on my post –
        1. right click (I use a mouse) on the image of the badge and click on copy image location
        2. go to your dashboard and scroll down to appearance and click on widget.
        3. scroll down to images and click – where it says Image URL – right click and hit paste.
        4. scroll down to position – (I have a vertical bar position) and pick what spot. When you are done, click save widget!
        There you have it! You can give it a title or caption.

        Now, if you want to place the badge on the post itself, then instead of copy image location, just right click copy image:)

        If you have any trouble, please let me know! I learned by a lot of trial and error and I still make errors:)


      2. Thank you, I have figured it out with your help, although I will have to look at this for awhile because I am ashamed to say I don’t really know many blogs on here. I kinda do my thing and leave, and I really should spend more time getting to know my fellow bloggers. I will be working on that.


      3. I understand this completely. Everyone does there own thing – as it should be;)


        Just keep doing what you do cuz it is wonderful and refreshing.


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